David A Lange

Operations Manager

D: 020 7501 8986

David joined LaSCoT in 2005 as Operations Manager and helped to grow and establish it’s community business roots. IN 2007 David moved to our West London depot where he successfully ran the RBKC ASC Day Centre contract. He returned to Brixton in 2014 and is now the Operations Manager for both depots, looking after all operational and personnel aspects of the business.

David has been in the transport industry for over 40 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, (as well as a “Can Do” attitude), that is beneficial to all parties.

Claire Smith

Head of Community Transport and Stakeholder Engagement

Please contact Phil Stockley (Maternity leave cover from 1st March 2017 - 28th February 2018)

E: philstockley@hctgroup.org

D: 020 7275 2433

M: 07515 771 168


Claire is currently on maternity leave.

(Claire joined HCT in November 2014, from Nacro, the UK’s largest national crime reduction charity, where she was the service manager of a flagship helpline.

Prior to this, she worked as an Assistant Director for School-Home Support, a national children’s charity that supports vulnerable children and young people, working with them and their families to help overcome the barriers that are preventing them from being in school, ready to learn. This built on eight years of increasingly senior roles at Catch22, another national crime reduction charity working with the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in our society, with her final 5 years in Hackney leading a pupil referral unit and youth inclusion project.

Claire's passion for working with, supporting and enabling people brought her to the role of Head of Community Transport and Stakeholder Engagement).

Kemoy Scott

Senior Operations Supervisor

D: 020 7501 8985

Kemoy joined LaSCot in January 2013 and is currently supervising all aspects of our operations.

Steve Redford

Operations Supervisor

D: 020 7924 9911

M: 07579 964 975

Steve joined LaSCot in 2012, as a driver on our Lambeth contract, having worked on the same contract with his previous employers. He has extensive driving experience, including spending several years as a red bus driver.

Prior to LaSCot, Steve also worked at Greater London Enterprise head office, where he managed customers’ accounts, ensuring that all customers received the correct support based on their business requirements for new start-ups and struggling businesses.

Steve is incredibly personable and has a real can-do attitude; both of which have led him into this current role as Operations Supervisor with LaSCot. He is responsible for our engineering portfolio along with shared responsibility in operations, supervising all vehicle inspections, ensuring accurate records are maintained for fuel, defects, and fleet transfers.

Tanya Davis

General Assistant

020 7924 9911

Tanya joined LaSCot in August 2012 and is currently supporting all aspects of our operations.

Peter Godsall

Quality & Training Co-ordinator

020 7275 2418

With over 30 years’ experience in many different roles at HCT, Peter joined HCT as a volunteer, then became Mobility Officer, leading to Client Services Manager. Peter comes with a wealth of knowledge both locally and organisationally.

Since 2009, with his passion to deliver quality training to those wanting to drive a mini-bus, Peter has focused on delivering MiDAS training to the national standard; in 2014, Peter’s role expanded to support staff driver quality standards to match the growth in our with-driver provision.


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