MiDAS minibus driver training

Lascot has extensive experience in training people to drive minibuses. We deliver regular Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) training programmes from facilities in Southwark (Old Kent Road).

Participants on our MiDAS training If you are a Group Transport member and you would like to self drive one of our minibuses, then, subject to these conditions, you will need a current MiDAS certificate to be able to do this. MiDAS is the national standard for minibus drivers in the voluntary and public sector.

Our MiDAS training is delivered by full-time Midas assessors who bring years of practical experience that will help you get the most out of your course. The programme includes:

  • Legal responsibilities of driving a minibus
  • Safe and environmentally friendly driving techniques
  • Vehicle familiarisation and checking
  • The correct use of passenger lifts and wheelchair restraints
  • A certificate valid for 4 years upon successful completion

What does the course consist of?

How much does it cost?

Where is the course held?

When is the next course?

Are there any course restrictions?

If I have questions?


What does the course consist of?

Each training course starts promptly at 9.00am and finishes at about 4.30pm. You will need to bring the training fee, your UKdriving licence (both photo card and paper parts), and a passport-size photo along with you on the day.

The morning session: The first session is classroom-based, which consists of course registration, minibus driving and the law, defensive and environmental driving technique theories and a multiple choice test. This should last about 3.5 hours.

The afternoon session: After lunch, the Optional second session consists of some classroom and some ‘hands on’ practical tuition regarding accessible equipment – i.e. the correct way to clamp wheelchairs onto a minibus and the passenger lift operation. This should last about 2.5 hours.

The practical assessment: The trainer will make individual arrangements on the day with you for a suitable date and time for you to return to undertake the third part of the course, the on-road driving assessment. This is usually carried out on the following day. Please allow up to 90 minutes for your on-road assessment. The full course must be completed in order to obtain a MiDAS certificate.

How much does it cost?

We offer great value courses and special discounts for small organisations and voluntary groups

  • MiDAS Training half day course: £100 + VAT per driver
  • MiDAS Training (Accessible vehicles) full day course: £120 +VAT  per driver
  • MiDAS Minibus Driver’s Handbook £12 each

Discounted Rates: If your organisation or group has fewer than 5 paid employees, then we offer the following discounted rates

  • MiDAS Training half day course: £75 + VAT per driver
  • MiDAS Training (Accessible vehicles) full day course: £100 +VAT  per driver 

Where is the course held?

Lambeth and Southwark Community Transport (LaSCoT)

Surrey Wharf, 30 Malt Street


When is the next course?

We hold courses once every month, on a Thursday.  Our next courses in 2019 will be:

  • 7th February
  • 7th March
  • 4th April
  • 2nd May

If these dates are not convenient, please call to discuss further dates for our training 020 7275 2414 / 2418.


Are there any course restrictions?

You need to have held a full UK car licence for at least 2 years. If you have 6 points or more, or recent driving bans, please speak to us in advance or be prepared to wait for insurance company clearance before you drive. Some foreign (non-UK) licences are acceptable – please ask in advance. If you hold an "automatics only" licence, please speak to us first.

If I have questions and want to book your place now?

For all enquiries and to book your place on MiDAS training, please contact us on 020 7275 2414 or by email to grouptransport@hctgroup.org

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